Burbank Western Art Show (07/10/10)

Stetson hats sit tall on the bearers head. Boots clank their way down the corridor. All around, there are buckles big enough to be mistaken for the Stanley Cup. You can easily find a bale of hay being used as a place to pull up some space and sit ‘er down for a friendly conversation. The melodic, “tap-twang-tap-tap” of the bass in the background as the harmonica chimes in on the fourth beat. Toe tappin’ beats accompanied by an open bar (my personal favorite) can only mean one thing…a true Cowboy Hoedown – Burbank style!

July 10, 2010 marked the opening of a month long Western Art Exhibit at the Towns Burr Gallery in Burbank, California, where my art is showcased and available for purchase. Overall, I could not have been happier with the turn out. Towns Burr Gallery was a fantastic host. Close to 100 moseyed their way through the doors of the gallery, taking time to view the works of not only my photographs, but also the art of Rob Word and Jimmy Don Cox. Even the likes of Robert Forster found their way to the gallery for some good cowboy eats (homemade chili by Mr. Burr and mini corndogs, made with care), colorful conversation, images of yesterdays and music from Will Ryan’s Cactus County Cowboys, that was engaging and easy on the ears.

Overall, the gala was a great experience and I look forward to meeting and mixing with art lovers of all types for the remainder of the month. If you have any questions, or would like to know more about my passion for the Great Western Front, or just want to peruse through my portfolio, please feel free to visit me at: www.davidfriend.com.

Until next time….


About David Friend Photography

David Friend an Art Center College graduate working as an advertising, corporate and industrial photographer since 1973. Will shoot on location, world wide as well as in our studio, using any camera format digital, large, medium or Small You will experience a stress free photo shoot on budget and on time Member of NAPP Portfolio and client list available upon request
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